John Deere Member Benefit

New Member Benefits

Maryland Farm Bureau membership offers numerous ways to save on everyday products and services you use. As a member of the Calvert County Farm Bureau, you have access to discounts on insurance, equipment, tools, travel, dining, and much more. Maryland Farm Bureau has several new benefits – please contact if you need more information about how you can take advantage of these offers.

John Deere Rewards

Maryland Farm Bureau members receive complimentary John Deere Rewards upgrade (Platinum 2 status). Check out the savings on the following equipment categories:

  • Commercial Mowing — $300 to $2,700 off
  • Residential Mowing — $100 to $200 off 
  • Utility Vehicles — $200 to $350 off
  • Tractors — $200 to $300 off
  • Golf & Sports Turf — $500 to $3,700 off
  • Commercial Worksite — 17% off MSRP

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Ford X-Plan Vehicle Pricing

Maryland Farm Bureau members get exclusive pricing and special offers on Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Office Depot Savings Card

Maryland Farm Bureau members can save up to 75% on thousands of products and print services at Office Depot and Office Max. This benefit includes contract pricing on HP ink and toner, exclusive monthly specials, low cost copy and print services and promotional products with last column pricing. Contact us for details on how you can get your member benefits card.

Xerox Preferred Pricing

With Maryland Farm Bureau membership, you can access exceptional savings on Xerox products.